domenica 26 agosto 2012

Breaks & Beats!!!!

Hi... I'm Iceone from Roma (Italy)... I produce Hip Hop Beats and spin Hip Hop Records since 1982... This Blog is for the "original breaks" lovers!!!! This is something unique... I'll be giving you loops of your favourite breaks... original breaks and new undiscovered breaks..  but the best part is that I'll give all the parts of your favourite breaks and grooves isolated when it will be possible... You can use this resources as a dj, or producer... Do what you want, but remember to respect my infinte love for this music and respect my work...  respect the laws of your country about copyright and sample use or be smart and use your skills to make the samples unrecognizable!!!!! Enjoy, Share and Download!!!!
Best Regards from Boogie Down Roma!!!
If You have any professional request about sound isolation or my Dj sets contact:

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