mercoledì 3 ottobre 2012

Magic Disco Machine... Scratchin... Horns Isolation...

The first time that I heard the sound of these horns was on the Run DMC song titled "Jam Master Jay" ... In a short time I discovered the original record from which they came ... "Scratchin" by Magic Disco Machine.... The isolation of these horns was laborious, because I had to suppress the bass drum, the hi hats and the guitar. I also had to rebuild the entire sound spectrum of natural reverb.

Magic Disco Machine - "Scratchin'"

Records that made this sample famous:

Run DMC - "Jam Master Jay"

MC Shan - "The Bridge"

Criminal Element Orchestra - "Put The Needle To The Record"

The Horns Isolated

Info, Dj Sets, Beats & Professional Sound isolations:

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